Nuru is a Japanese erotic massage technique in which one or more masseuses rubs their body against your body whilst nude and covered with an odourless and tasteless massage oil, called Nuru gel. The word Nuru originates from the Japanese language and means slippery or smooth.

The Nuru gel is applied to a large area of both your body and the masseuses body. During the massage, the aim is to get the most possible physical contact, and masseuses often use their entire body. Strong tactile sensations are triggered that are designed to relieve stress, and be prepared to experience the greatest orgasmic gratification you've ever had.


Nuru massage uses a mostly odourless and tasteless massage oil, referred to as nuru gel, which is derived from brown seaweed leaves found of the coast of Japan, as well as chamomile and other minerals which are often added. It is a clear odourless gel and very slippery, ideal for nuru massage and as a sexual lubricant.

The nuru gel is mixed in a bowl with water and stirred, after which it will be ready to use for a nuru massage. The gel is packed full of nutrients, so as well as it feeling great to have a masseuse rub it onto your body, it also does wonders for your skin.


If you want to know what happens during a body to body nuru massage session this will give you some idea to the full process.

Nuru massage is different from other styles of erotic massage due to the movements and techniques that are used. Many professional masseuses consider this style of erotic massage an art form as well as a massage. This is because the massage is like a choreographed routine like in other art forms such dancing or music.


The session usually starts off with the masseuse giving you a relaxing, warm shower. You will be naked and have your whole body washed and clean, which feels fantastic. The masseuse will not miss any part of your body. The great thing about starting off with a shower is that the warm water will relax your muscles, as well as your relaxing your mind too.


While your skin is still wet from the shower, the masseuse will lead you to the blow up mattress. Sometimes it will be a regular bed covered with a plastic covering sheet, either way, this where the real sexy action starts. The masseuse will have probably already mixed the nuru gel with water. She will cover her body with the gel, and then start spreading it over yours as you lay on your front.


The masseuse will usually start off by giving you a traditional deep tissue massage, which will be followed by some body to body movements. This body slide across your back feels fantastic as the masseuses skin glides against yours. She will also give you a slippery buttocks massage as she slides over your back and legs using her lovely soft bum. This will then change into a back to back body slide. One move that feels great is known as the Sensual Scissor Straddle, and this is where the masseuse will open up your legs and make a scissor movement with her legs on your genitals.


As you turn over all these movements are repeated for a sensual body slide of your front. As with all intimate erotic massages, the ending will focus on your key sensitive areas of your body. Each masseuse has their own favourite ways of helping you release tension. It will be a very fantastic happy ending that will make you feel fully relieved and relaxed.

Having a nuru massage is one of the greatest pleasures in the world.

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