Soapy massage is an erotic body to body massage similar to the nuru massage, but with soap or shower gel and water instead of nuru gel. Soapy massage is a very sensual and sexy treatment.


The session will start with both you and your masseuse being naked and going to shower for some sexy shower fun.

The masseuse will clean all of your body, leaving no part untouched, from the neck, back and down to legs, which feels fantastic. This is to prepare you for the main massage.

The masseuse will then lead you to the blow up mattress, or sometimes it will be a regular bed covered with a plastic covering sheet. You lay face down to begin with, and she will give your body a relaxing deep tissue massage, which over the course of the session will get increasingly erotic. You will then turnover to let the real fun begin.

She will spread soap or shower gel all over her body, and then give you an outstanding body to body massage, making plenty of bubbles along the way. You will feel her soft smooth skin gliding across yours, making a sensual warm feeling. Having a sexy naked woman do this to you feels fantastic looks really amazing. This of course will finish with an ecstatic happy ending. You will feel absolutely wonderful afterwards, fully relieved, refreshed and very clean.

Soapy massage is the cousin of nuru massage and just as fabulous.

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